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Топик на тему Искусство (Art)


Art is the creation or expression of what is beautiful, especially in visual form. Drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, ballet belong to the fine art». Really when something is extremely beautiful or has great cultural value, we say: «It's art».

The twentieth century has given the world cinema. For a long time there have been disputes whether the cinema is an art or just an entertainment. Nowadays the cinema is considered one of the main contemporary arts. Not so long ago people went to cinemas frequently, but now we prefer to stay at home and watch video films and TV. Maybe cinemas are no longer as popular as they used to be but films will always be one of the best entertainments for people all over the world. Speaking about art one should not forget about music, especially classic music. Outstanding Russian composers make all the world admire their music. It's almost impossible to find a man who does not know Pyotr Ilyich Tchaicovsky, Michail Glinka, Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov — the famous composers of 19th century, and Sergei Rachmaninov, Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitriy Shostakovich. The most famous ballets «Swan Lake», «The Sleeping Beauty», «The Nutcracker» and not less famous operas «The Queen of Spades», «Eugine Onegin» are still excellently staged and performed not only in Russian but in many greatest theatres in the world.

Russia is famous for its architecture. The real jewel of architecture is the Moscow Kremlin with its cathedrals, towers and red brick walls. There are also a lot of museums and galleries in Moscow. The most famous gallery of Moscow is Tretyakov gallery, it reflects the whole history of Russian Art. It has a rich collection of early Russian painting including famous icon. The world famous «The Trinity» by Andrey Rublev is exhibited in the gallery. St.Petersburg has great number of real masterpieces of architecture of different styles and is definitely worth visiting and being admired. Russia is rich also in young talents, new Russian culture is forming. We can hear new voices in music and poetry, new canvases of modern artists, great actors and film directors. All of them will make their contribution into Russian Culture and Art.

The most important form of early Russian art was the icons. The word icon means image in Greek. Icon is the religious pictures of Christ and Saints on wooden panel. They decorated churches, mostly placed on the iconostasis. In Russia the finest icons were produced from the midforteenth century. In that time a specific national style icon painting was formed. Russian icon painting reached the highest point of its achievement in the works of Theothan Greek, Andrey Rublev and Dionissy in the mid-15 century. Andrey Rublev is a Russian greatest iconpainter. In 1408 he was engaged on the murals in the Cathedral of the Assumption at Vladimir when he also produced his version of the icon of Vladimirs Virgin. And well known cuch icons as Спас and Троица which was found in Vladimir. A.R.s icons is expressed a distinct filling of harmony, deep spirituality, grace and the beauty of the colors. Rs works is one of the greatest creations of medieval Russian painting.

Art has always been occupation for the few, but has been admired by many. I really enjoy everything that is beautiful. I like painting, sculpture. I am fond of music and theatre.

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